Downhill World Championships Hafjell – Flashbacks


I could write pages about these days, but I have decided to keep it short. Here are some flashbacks, that keep coming back into my head.
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1800kmx2 – a very long drive

It is a long way from Munich. To make most of the drive, we decided to do a loop: Munich – Rostock – Trelleborg (Sweden)– Goteborg – Hafjell (Norway) / Hafjell- Oslo – Larvik – Hirtshals (Denmark) – Hamburg – Leipzig – Munich Driving up there gave us the freedom to pack extra spare parts, bring food and move around independently. It turned out to also support the rest of the team.

Chris as tech support for women and juniors

Chris has always been a great support for me on former ixs Cups, World Cups etc. This time he turned into the Tech Support for the entire German Womens and Juniors Category, standing in the Finish area with water and tubes.

Stefan physio and race support

Did a great job of fixing injured riders and make them recover faster through great massages. Additionaly he and Chris carried up the spinning bikes, clothing and drinks to the start. Incredible help throught the entire stay.

Eros, the cook

Thanks to BDR for the opportunity to get great and healthy meals! Eros, you have done an amazing job! Will miss your food.

Countless injuries

Ferdinand, Texi, Benni, Silas, Rafaela – all of them have lost the fight with the track and could not start in the finals on Sunday. Get well soon, everybody. Not mentioning smaller injuries, such as bruises or cuts…


Flat tires, damaged wheels, broken derailleurs, more flat tires – we saw it all.
Luckily, my bike and parts have done a great job on this hard course.

German Downhill TEAM

It feels great to be part of a team, that is constantly growing closer together. Easy community living in the apartments, collective training, supporting each other.


My heroes of this weekend are:

Meko Mullaly: lost his chain right at the start, brought down an amazing run, sat in the hot seat for ages and ended in 4th position! NEVER EVER give up a run.

Rafaela Richter: watch out for the german endurista. Great technique and great spirit. Got her DH bike only the week before and has hit the biggest jumps.


I had a great week with decent riding. Gained confidence after some hard crashes this season, did not crash once during this week AND had two solid runs. I am happy about 18th place and with the distance to the fastest women (43 seconds is a good time for me on this track).


Thanks to our physio Stefan for the recovery massages as well as the support. Thanks to Dirk the doc for being there. Thanks to Eros for the best food. Thanks to Fabian for nominating me.

Thanks to all german riders – it has been great to race with you.

Thanks to Liteville and Syntce for bikes and parts and the exceptional support during the last years.

Thanks to Five Ten for best gripon the shoes, to Hirzl for grippp on the hands, to Maxxis for best grip on the ground, to Adidas Eyewear for best view with their googles, to Local Outerwear for nice downhill clothing, to Ortema for perfect protection, to X-Fusion for suspension.

A special thank you to my employer Arc’teryx for the opportunity to take the time off!

And last but not least: Thank you Chris – for your great support as trainer, manager, mechanic, cook, driver, partner. I love you!




Replay: (me in the 18th minute) (me after approx.. 14 sek)